Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Warrior's Way

The Warrior's Way

Synopsis: A skilled warrior assassin heads to a small town in the west to escape his enemies after refusing to kill the last of his clans foes.

This martial arts, western mix is a good balance between story, comedy, and action. This film is a visual masterpiece. Korean star Jang Dong-gun is a particular standout, as well as Geoffry Rush. This film is perfect for those who enjoyed Ninja Assassin and/or Kung Fu Hustle. Squeamish audience members be warned; there is more blood than in the usual action flick.

Stars: 4/4
image 2010 Rogue Pictures

Jang Dong-gun, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Tony Cox, Danny Huston

Would I see it again: Yes

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2009 Warner Bros.
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