Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 of our most anticipated movies of 2011

10. Priest - A priest must put his beliefs to the side to save his niece from the vampires that kidnapped here. This looks like a great action/comic book movie, and not to mention, Karl Urban looks amazing.
9. X-Men: First Class - James McAvoy stars as Proffesor Charles Xavier in a new prequel to the X-men movies.
8. Thor - Finally, a manly superhero! And how can you go wrong with Natalie Portman?
7. Scream 4 - Even if you aren't a fan of the Scream movies, you have to see this, right? I mean, the whole gang is back, even Sidney!
6. Hanna - A rogue girl sets out to kill a woman after her father teaches her everything she knows. This movie looks like fantastic action.
5. Underworld 4 - We have always been fans of the Underworld movies, and always look forward to the sequels, all of which have been particularly good. But this one has Kate Beckinsale back? Amazing!
4. The Hangover Part II - The first hangover was hilarious, and we can't wait to see what trouble Stew and the gang will get into this time.
3. Your Highness - This movie looks like an olden day pineapple express. Always good in our books!
2. Sherlock Holmes 2 - Robert Downey Jr. is back as quirky Sherlock Holmes in this detective sequel. He is the perfect man for the role, and delivers when needed most.
1. Cowboys and Aliens - Daniel Craig as a cowboy? Count us in! Aliens, non-stop action, and those steel blue eyes? What more could you ask for?